Messi was warned about the recovery time when returning to play

Messi was warned about the recovery time when returning to play

Physical experts have warned Messi about the recovery time needed when returning to play after a long break from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Lionel Messi and his La Liga colleagues took a break from playing for more than 10 days after the organizers decided to postpone the tournament to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Currently, all have to isolate themselves at home and train separately to maintain fitness.

Even so, it took Messi and his colleagues a few weeks to regain their best form after a long break from COVID-19. That is the warning of the leading physical experts in La Liga. The solution, in this case, is to organize friendly matches for 10 days, or 2 weeks before the Spanish championship returns.

Paulino Granero, CSKA Moscow’s physical coach and the Russian team, said: “I have one thing that is very clear, Messi is the best player and plays a very different football than everyone. it will take several weeks to return to being the usual Messi.”

“You asked why that is? Simply put, Messi’s special technical moves can only be done when he is in the best condition because these are not the basic techniques that other players often use.

According to coach Granero, an important factor determining the quality of a team is the link between the players. Therefore, if a team wants to regain good form after at least 15 days of rest, they need to go through at least 1 match to regain the feeling of playing football and help the body adapt to the intensity of movement like always.

Physical coach Dani Pastor of Real Mallorca also added: “There are situations of dispute on the pitch that the players will not be in the gym, home garden or parking lot. When the game is over, the players will lack the competition to keep up their normal form.”

Ronaldinho in prison for the drug-related crime and money laundering?

Ronaldinho in prison for the drug-related crime and money laundering?

Ronaldinho was accused by the Paraguay Prosecutor’s Office of being involved in a drug trafficking and money laundering criminal organization.

Ronaldinho was detained last week on charges of using a fake passport to enter Paraguay. But the latest disclosure by Reuters shows that the incident is much more serious.

The Paraguayan prosecutor’s office is investigating allegations that Ronaldinho was involved in a money-laundering criminal organization that “enchanted” about $ 400 million in “dirty money” in the country over the past five years. In particular, the focal point is a Brazilian businesswoman, Dalia Lopez, a “Strong Donor” who has very good relations with Brazilian and Paraguayan politicians.

Dalia is the founder of the Fraternidad Angelical Charity Foundation and invites Ronaldinho to Paraguay to attend an event of the foundation. The paparazzi captured the scene of the Ronaldinho brothers accompanying their fellow businesswoman when the three landed at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport on March 4.

Prosecutor Osmar Legal, who led the investigation, said: “Dalia may be involved in a money-laundering plan and this means that we must investigate all those who are involved with her, including Ronaldinho. That is why we insist on detaining Ronaldinho for investigation”.

Their main hypothesis was that they had created fake documents to enter Paraguay and eventually they would be used for some commercial projects or illegal investments. In it, Ronaldinho may appear as an ambassador in Dalia’s charity project.

Currently, the investigating agency is checking the phone of the Ronaldinho brothers in hopes of finding evidence to clear up the case. Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis had previously offered $ 1.6 million in bail to escape custody, but were not approved.

Not only was she accused of money laundering, but Dalia businesswoman was also suspected of tax evasion and having done business with drug criminals. Paraguayan police have issued orders to pursue Dalia and called on Brazilian authorities to assist with the investigation of this, particularly serious case. In addition to the Ronaldinho brothers, 14 others have been summoned, or are being detained for involvement in the case.

Postponed UAE match against Malaysia in World Cup qualifier 2022 by Covid-19

Postponed UAE match against Malaysia in World Cup qualifier 2022 by Covid-19

The match between the host of UAE welcoming Malaysia in Dubai on March 26 under Group G of the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup will certainly be postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19, according to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

The information has been confirmed by Malaysia team manager Yusoff Mahadi in Metro Daily. The official said that Malaysia will train at Bukit Jalil to be ready to face Vietnam in the next round of Group G qualifying for the second round of the 2022 World Cup on March 31.

“Games that are not severely affected by Covid-19 still have obstacles, but only countries with restricted travel can be postponed. Without national travel restrictions like Vietnam and Malaysia, it looks like the match between the two teams will continue as usual. Unless the Covid-19 epidemic becomes more serious in our country, the government will probably make decisions”, Datuk Yusoff told Metro Daily. The official added that, so far, FAM has remained Haven’t received any information from the government about travel restrictions.

According to Datuk Yusoff, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will meet on March 2 to give notice of the postponement of the Malaysia-UAE match and some other matches from teams from West Asia in the second round of World Cup 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023 final.

Earlier, Bahrain – a country in West Asia, sent an apology to FAM for canceling a friendly match at home to Malaysia on March 21 for fear of disease. In addition to the above matches, the outbreak of Covid-19 has affected many Asian teams in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers such as Japan, Korea, China … In particular, AFC’s March 2 day meeting in Malaysia will Discuss the schedule before making a decision to postpone some matches to prevent the risk of Covid-19 infection.

Currently, in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup Malaysia (9 points) is second in Group G after Vietnam (11 points) but ahead of Thailand (8 points), UAE (6 points, playing less than 1 match), Indonesia (0 points).

The mask of Real Madrid is removed (Part 2)

The mask of Real Madrid is removed (Part 2)

Before Levante, “Los Blancos” competed, but no player knew how to put the ball into the net. Hazard or Benzema had a chance, but the final phase was not smooth. Real also constantly cornered Levante with 35 balls hanging into the penalty area, but the sharp points could not take advantage of the success.

Football is not a game based on losing more than numbers. The outcome of a match based heavily on moments. For Real, dropping points against Celta Vigo and Levante shows they are unstable at the most important moments of the season.

Holding the gold but letting the gold fall, Real should blame himself after the defeat against Levante. They missed the opportunity to maintain a distance with Barca, the team once fell into crisis with internal conflicts. When entering the El Clasico game next week, La Liga’s order was repeated, with Barca above Real.

Real take anything against turbulent week?

Wearing a sorrowful face, Zidane replied to Movistar: “Hazard has an ankle injury. We will conduct more tests, but his situation looks bad”. Before entering the El Clasico match, Real will face Man City in the Champions League with full of instability.

Hazard is not sure how to play because of injury. Not only that, Benzema has shown signs of losing form. Since the beginning of 2020, the French striker has only scored 2 goals in the last 9 matches. Looking at the French striker who was deviated in the processing phase, one saw a lack of confidence in the 32-year-old star.

Losing Hazard, “Zizou” and Vinicius instead. As for Benzema, who is in decline, the French legend could not find any suitable card. It is also the appearance of Real when playing Man City at the Bernabeu on February 27. A team with crippled attack and lack of killer instinct in the penalty area.

According to Forbes writer Jason Pettigrov, Real is also facing a physical problem from the 70th minute. They are said to be the most vulnerable at the moment, because the players are tired due to their age. The moment Jose Luis Morales of Levante hit the net with Thibaut Courtois, they all saw how exhausted Luka Modric was in the accompanying phase.

Real are wearing a pair of unsteady feet into the week of judgment for fate. Their big and unique fulcrum lies in the defense. All expected Courtois to have a brilliant match and not make the same mistake as before Levante.

The roles of Sergio Ramos and Casemiro are also important. They must command the defense system in front of the fast and virtual way of Man City. Once a solid defensive wall is created, “Los Blancos” can pray for the miracle to happen. It could be a header from Ramos, or a masterpiece from Casemiro.

For Real, their masks were removed, and revealed their true form. However, the prestige of a giant in the Champions League, and the Bernabeu fulcrum can become a factor for “Los Blancos” to cling to Man City.

The mask of Real Madrid is removed (Part 1)

The mask of Real Madrid is removed (Part 1)

4 After a series of daydreaming dreams of overthrowing Barca, Real Madrid returned to the ground with its old form. It is an unstable team.

The first warnings soon appeared with the representative of Madrid after the shock of being removed from the Cope del Rey before Real Sociedad. That defeat originated in a series of matches that could make “Los Blancos” face another season of throwing away. Everything collapsed too quickly with Zinedine Zidane and his students.

In Ciudad de Valencia, the Real’s mask is removed. They still cannot live without Cristiano Ronaldo. “Los Blancos” released 19 shots on goal of Levante, of which 7 were hit but no goal was scored. The Royal team is missing a killer instinct.

This story is nothing new. Without Ronaldo, the “White Vulture” lost a superb machine of goals. Karim Benzema or Eden Hazard, although still or can not replace the Portuguese superstar, the author of many goals throughout nearly a decade of kicking for the Bernabeu team.

On the day Real collapsed, from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, Ronaldo fired regularly at the age of 35. He had 25 goals in 30 matches in all competitions. The difference between CR7 and Benzema, Hazard or any of Real’s players lies in stability, an important factor to help a team step up the La Liga throne.

Marca journalist Jose Felix Diaz described, “Real has not found a cure for depression for more than a year and a half”. Even when Benzema, who was expected to fill the void left by Ronaldo, worked hard, his level could not be compared to the famous number 7 at a time.

“Real do not be too happy when Benzema scored continuously because the stability of Karim always leaves doubts”, former AS Editor-in-chief Alfredo Relano once predicted. That is absolutely right! Stability has never been on the strong list of Benzema, who has played four consecutive games.

According to AS journalist Tomas Roncero, Real is living in the nostalgia of Ronaldo. Number 7 always knows how to make a difference with goals. As for Real now, Benzema is fluttering, Luka Jovic has not shown the value of 60 million euros. Rodrygo is still very young, while Hazard needs more time to adapt.

Indonesia was officially awarded FIFA to host the U.20 World Cup in 2021

Indonesia was officially awarded FIFA to host the U.20 World Cup in 2021

The football atmosphere in Southeast Asia will be more bustling in the next 2 years when FIFA has officially announced to choose Indonesia as the host of the U.20 World Cup finals in 2021, although the country still has many worries in stopping violence in football.

According to the announcement on the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) website, the decision to host the World Cup finals in 2021 was announced directly by FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the FIFA Council meeting in Shanghai (China) October 24. Earlier, in the shortlist in the race to host the event, Indonesia faced Brazil and Peru. However, PSSI’s bid presentation was well received by FIFA despite Indonesia’s concerns about violence in football.

“Thank God, our hard work paid off. Our presentation has been evaluated and welcomed by FIFA. PSSI would like to thank President Joko Widodo for his great support to PSSI. The appreciation also goes to the relevant state agencies and local leaders who are committed to helping PSSI realize the dream of hosting the U.20 World Cup in 2021”, PSSI Secretary-General Ratu Tisha Destria was happy to share.

In fact, in a bid to run the event, Indonesia’s only weakness was the issue of football violence and internal power disputes at PSSI over the years. Latest, in the second round of Group G qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, losing to Malaysia 2-3 at Bung Karno at 5.9, Indonesia was faced with a severe penalty. Meanwhile, in every other aspect, the country of ten thousand islands meets very good criteria for hosting a World Cup, especially when the country successfully organized ASIAD last year.

The victory of Indonesia is also a push for the ambition of Southeast Asian countries towards the race to host the 2034 World Cup, including Vietnam. Earlier, a number of Southeast Asian countries also planned to hold a meeting to provide feasible options for bids to officially race to host the biggest football festival on the planet.

The Golden Boy of MU gave up playing football

The Golden Boy of MU gave up playing football

The player who received a lot of expectation from Sir Alex Ferguson said goodbye to the football world.

The 2008 Golden Boy Anderson announced his retirement at the age of 31, a somewhat young age compared to professional senior players. Most recently, the Brazilian arrived at Adan Demirspor Club in Turkey’s Second Division. However, according to Sport Witness, the board of directors has announced that Anderson has just decided to end his career here.

The most memorable time in Anderson’s career was 8 years with MU. At Old Trafford, Anderson played 181 times for Man Utd, scored 9 goals, made 21 assists and 14 yellow cards.

Anderson won the Golden Boy title in his first season playing for Manchester United, proving Sir Alex Ferguson’s great eye-gaze. The legendary MU coach found the youngster’s talent that year when he and Porto won the Portuguese championship twice in a row, although not many appearances.

Unfortunately, later Anderson could not reach his full potential and was forever a prodigy. Sir Alex has given him a lot of favor and created conditions for him to grow, as evidenced by his patients to him at MU 8 seasons. But to this point, the impression that Anderson left for MU fans is when he comes on the field with a shirt with the wrong name (‘Andesron’).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Anderson

In March 2015, Anderson officially left MU when he failed to find a place in Louis van Gaal’s squad. He returned to his hometown of Brazil to join Internacional with a 4-year contract. But the bright young player once could not make an impression here, after 3 seasons he has only 52 appearances. Before the end of his contract, Internacional promptly sent him out to Adan Demirspor, where he also played only 11 games before the end of his career.

Anderson has an unsatisfactory career, but he can be proud to have won many titles.

Daniel Maldini: The third generation of Maldini in AC Milan

Daniel Maldini: The third generation of Maldini in AC Milan

No family has a close and long-standing association with AC Milan Club like the Maldini clan. The appearance of 18-year-old midfielder Daniel Maldini has been the 3rd generation of this family in the Rossoneri shirt (black and red striped shirt).

Daniel Maldini started his career playing for AC Milan, even though he was brought on as a substitute at the end of the Verona 1-1 draw in the 22nd round of Serie A on Sunday. His presence indicates that the Maldini family had a third-generation heir to AC Milan after the time of their father Paolo and grandfather Cesare.

Daniel is the youngest son of Paolo Maldini, the former captain of AC Milan and the Director of the club. Daniel’s older brother Christian is also a career player but currently only plays for Pro Sesto Club in Serie C.

Daniel started his career at AC Milan just like Paolo, but he did not match his father’s age record. Indeed, Paolo played his first match for AC Milan in the away match Udinese 1-1 in January 1985 when he was just 16 and 6 months old, two years earlier than the age of his son Daniel. In addition, Paolo played 901 matches for AC Milan, scored 33 goals and won 24 titles before the end of his playing career in June 2009.

Paolo Maldini is a typical face in San Siro, always has the respect of the home fans because he does not play for clubs other than AC Milan. Most of his playing career, Paolo was in the captain’s armband and was nicknamed “Il Capitano”.

Daniel Maldini’s grandfather was even more famous. He was attached to AC Milan not only as a player but also as a coach and especially as the first AC Milan captain to raise the European Cup in 1963.

For one thing, Mr. Cesare started his Serie A career in Triestina (currently playing in Serie C) in May 1995. And the first of the 386 games he played for AC Milan was a Triestina victory 4-0 in September 9, 1994. Cesare played for 12 years for AC Milan and led the team from 1972 to 1974, briefly in 2001. He died in April 2016 at the age of 84.

Daniel Madini will have to work hard to pursue his father’s achievements. He said after the Verona draw: “My first match was a dream, but the result of this match was disappointing. We could have done better, but there were still emotions. Verona was the team. difficult to play, we deserved to get 3 points but we only got 1 point. We hope to win in the next round This start is a goal that I have prepared, now we hope to continue like that. I felt a strong emotion and my father reassured me”.

Chinese sports are closed to the threat of Coronavirus

Chinese sports are closed to the threat of Coronavirus

China is reeling from relocating from the country, rescheduling the sporting events it hosts in the wake of rising fears of infection with Coronavirus (severe pneumonia syndrome). in this country.

According to the South China Moring Post, the 2020 Hong Kong Marathon is the latest sporting event to be canceled due to fears of a Coronavirus outbreak. This is one of the large-scale marathons with the participation of more than 74,000 people from many countries around the world, competing in 3 contents.

“Public health is our top priority. In support of the government’s disease prevention efforts, the organizers decided to cancel the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon scheduled for August 8 and February 9”, a statement from Hong Kong Marathon tournament officials. Earlier, the Hong Kong Football Federation also canceled the Chinese New Year Cup football tournament for the same reason.

In a statement on the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong on January 26 confirmed the sixth case of Coronavirus infection when a local man went to Wuhan and returned with fever symptoms; More than 100 others are suspected of suffering from the aforementioned virus pneumonia. According to statistics, as of January 26, an estimated 2,000 people were infected with Coronavirus, resulting in at least 56 deaths. Chinese Health Minister Ma Xiaowei also acknowledged the possibility that the virus would be showing signs of increasing.

Earlier, Wuhan, which was thought to be the source of the Coronavirus outbreak, was canceled the organization of two major events of the 2020 Olympic qualifiers that took place next month and were transferred to other venues. Accordingly, the Asian and Oceanian qualifying events, originally scheduled to begin in Wuhan on March 3, have now been moved to Amman in Jordan and are rescheduled in March.

Meanwhile, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has moved Group B (including Australia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and China) in the 2020 women’s Olympic football qualifier from Wuhan to Nanjing. However, according to the latest information, AFC has just decided on the women’s football qualifier to Sydney (Australia) and will soon announce a new schedule.

On January 25, AFC also decided that the match between owner Shanghai SIPG (China) and Buriram United (Thailand) in the AFC Champions League play-off round on January 28 will be played in an audience-free yard to prevent the risk of infection. spread the Coronavirus. On the same day, China also announced the closure of its Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and canceled all events at the venue until January 30 to “prevent and control” the spread of the virus. The World Tennis Federation has just withdrawn a Fed Cup event from China to move to Kazakhstan.

FA Cup: M.U have to play again

FA Cup: M.U have to play again

In the third round of the FA Cup, the attack of the Manchester United club (M.U) failed to make a direct shot on the opponent’s goal.

This is the first time since January 1.2015, “Red Devils” again fell into a state of harmless attack in a match in the domestic league. 5 years ago, against Southampton in the Premier League, M.U also fell into the same situation.

With this draw, M.U will have to play against Wolverhampton at Old Trafford next time, and cause both teams to face a dense schedule.

In January, MU still had 2 semifinals for the English League Cup with Man City, while Wolverhampton added this match to make them even more tired after having played 36 matches because they also attended Europa qualifying matches.

Coach Solskjaer launched a strong squad for M.U in attack with young star Mason Greenwood with the support of Daniel James and Juan Mata. However, it was not until the second half from the 70th minute when Marcus Rashford added to strengthen the attack of the “Red Devils” to sharpen.

In which Rashford missed a chance to score when he entered the field, but unfortunately the shot hit captain Wolverhampton Conor Coady put the ball to the crossbar. Wolverhampton then responded with a shot from Raul Jimenez’s crossbar.

These are considered the two most worthwhile situations in the meeting between Wolverhampton and M.U, while the rest of the visitors, although playing a bit more, do not make goalkeeper John Ruddy (Wolverhampton) to show off.

Although the draw was quite disappointing, coach Solskjaer was pleased to play again because he thought that Wolverhampton was really a very difficult opponent when playing at home. Wolverhampton’s Nuno Espirito Santo was regretful because the home team missed many opportunities to score to end the match and had to play it again. While M.U had to play again, Man City easily entered the fourth round with a 4-1 victory over the lower team Port Vale; Leicester City also went ahead when they won Wigan Athletic 2-0. Similarly, Bournemouth won Luton Town 4-0.