Cristiano Ronaldo faces a 2-year ban

Cristiano Ronaldo faces a 2-year ban

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo left the stadium on his own while the Juventus – AC Milan match was still in progress could cost him a two-year ban, according to former Italian striker Antonio Cassano.

The Portuguese superstar walked out of the yard and went straight down the tunnel after being substituted in the 55th minute of the match against Juventus in AC Milan in round 12 of Serie A, which took place last weekend. Before walking down the tunnel in time, Ronaldo glanced at coach Maurizio Sarri and muttered something in frustration.

Cassano striker AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma and Real Madrid have seen it and warned that Ronaldo is very easy to violate the anti-doping regulations because he has encountered the same case.

“I had to go back to the emergency stadium to avoid a two-year ban on orders from the coaching staff”, Casano recounted as he also drove home on his own after being substituted in AS Roma’s game. He kicked his rival, Lazio.

In September 2018, Peterborough United defender Josh Yorwerth (English club playing League One) also dodged a doping test. The 24-year-old was fired by the club in February 1919 after being banned for four years by the English Football Association. In fact, Josh Yorwerth had used cocaine before so he was afraid of being exposed. This is also the highest penalty for a player in English football.

The same is the case with famous defender Rio Ferdinand. He received an 8-month ban in 2003 for not attending a doping test. The player who played for Manchester United and also Ronaldo’s teammate at the time was considered innocent but the sentence was given. This was also a controversial case at the time.

Not to mention doping testing, Juventus coach Sarri told Sky Sport Italia: “Last month, Ronaldo had a knee problem, he took part in training and injured his ligament. He did everything there was. I can play football, but I think he is not feeling well and thinks it is best to replace it”.

When he was playing for Real Madrid, Ronaldo interrupted a doping test when he loudly complained that he was always chosen. The Real Madrid medical team then took over the test case from UEFA representatives following Ronaldo’s complaints. After that, UEFA did not make any more verdicts because they thought that it also stemmed from the stress of the Portuguese superstar. This time if UEFA does not skip, Ronaldo will regret his shocking action.

Granada and crazy stories in La Liga

Granada and crazy stories in La Liga

Will the winner of the first El Clasico match of the season in La Liga be the final champion? Ten of the last 13 seasons, that’s it.

Winning Betis in the last round, Granada was 20 points and temporarily ranked 2nd on the La Liga rankings – 2 points higher than Real Madrid, of course in the context of the other giant still in the hands of 1 game. It is worth mentioning: 20 points is the total score of Granada during the whole football season, the last time they were in the first division!

Granada’s annual salary fund is 35.46 million euros – just over half the amount that Real Madrid spent to have Luka Jovic, a player who has not had much fame. Or less than a third of the amount that Barcelona spends to buy Antoine Griezmann. Compared with the budget of 35.46 million euros poor other, Barcelona’s salary fund is 18 times higher (671.43 million euros). But when the two sides met in La Liga, Granada defeated Barcelona 2-0.

From coach Diego Martinez to the players, no one inside Granada believes they can dispute the championship. Despite leading the way, all still agree on one thing: the ultimate goal this season is relegation. Martinez himself is both the youngest coach (38 years old) and the least experienced military leader in La Liga (this is the first time he has appeared in the highest level).

In short, Granada is causing one of the biggest surprises so far in the Spanish football village. Is it a pleasant surprise, high professional value or not, is another story. Many people compare Granada in La Liga with Leicester in the Premier League. In essence, it is very different. Leicester are well prepared, with very high professional value, when they win the 2016 Premier League or are starting successfully this season (Leicester’s current score is higher than theirs in the same period, in the season when they suddenly won the Premier League).

In contrast, Granada was a poor team in all aspects, when they relegated in 2017. Back then, people do not understand why this team was assigned to former England defender Tony Adams coach. Adams had a lineup of 11 players of 11 different nationalities – none of whom were Spanish. That season, Granada had 39 players, from 21 countries. Including the U.19 team, the B team and the A team, Granada only owns 44 of the 106 players they register. With such a background, it is not uncommon for Granada players to shake their heads when asked about their current top spot.

Chinese sports are ugly again for cheating at the Military Olympics

Chinese sports are ugly again for cheating at the Military Olympics

Fraud continues to become a hot topic in Chinese sports opinion after the International Orientation Sports Federation (IOF) announced the elimination and deprivation of athletes of this country from middle and male content in the World.

Previously, the athletes of the Chinese landlord finished in the first, second and fourth places for women and the second for men on October 20 in the direction of the content of military sports. But according to IOF, the organization has evidence that Chinese athletes have received illegal support from spectators on the terrain and are showing signs of preparing trails that are available for them to navigate.

The fraud was aroused after a simultaneous backlash from Russian, Swiss, French, Belgian, Polish and Austrian teams, before the judges decided to eliminate all Chinese athletes. According to the jury’s decision, the result of the Chinese athletes achieving the aforementioned was canceled (1 gold medal, 2 silver medal) and not included in the list of results.

The Chinese side appealed the decision to the International Military Sports Council (CISM), but the decision to protest failed. Still, the results are not official. Initially, the organizers stated that the long-distance contest would be completely canceled, but after negotiations with CISM, it was restored in the program without the participation of the Chinese team.

“The Military Olympics are an event organized under the management of the International Military Sports Council but through a signing with IOF, IOF’s rules govern the conduct of this event”. IOF Secretary General Tom Hollowell said. “IOF pays special attention to the actions of the Chinese team and is happy to see IOF’s rules being applied to bring about fairness in the competition when the judges and CISM enforce it. IOF will work with CISM to investigate sanctions against people involved in inappropriate activities. Although this event is not an IOF event”, the representative of IOF emphasized.

According to IOF, they are also investigating whether further action is needed to ensure fair play in the upcoming World Cup Final in Guangzhou (China) from October 25 to 29. “The military and civilian orientation in China is completely organizational and the World Cup has been controlled in the structure of IOF, with restrictions on access to competitive information. However, if found true evidence of any inappropriate behavior, IOF will apply all necessary sanctions to ensure fairness of the competitions at the World Cup”, IOF stressed.

The information has attracted a lot of attention from the public when this year’s World Military Games attracted more than 9,300 players from more than 140 countries, competing in 27 sports. In addition to military engineering, World Military Games (once every 4 years and this is the 7th this year) also has popular sports such as athletics, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, boxing, etc. Therefore, the event also has the participation of many professional athletes who have won achievements in international sports arenas because they belong to defense agencies.

This is Ozil’s last birthday at Arsenal?

This is Ozil’s last birthday at Arsenal?

Last Tuesday, Mesut Oezil has just officially turned 31. The lack of trust in the Unai Emery Dynasty has raised a big question: Could this be the last birthday of the German player at the Emirates Stadium?

Since his first professional match in 2006 against Schalke, the German midfielder has become one of the best in the continent. Ozil’s number of chances created is 1,070, only less than Dimtri Payet (1,084) among the players playing in the top 5 leagues in Europe including England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

In the same 13 years, the midfielder just turned 31 created 130 assists after 373 appearances, with 52 of them taking place when he wore Arsenal. Only Payet is a better player than the German player. Despite those statistics, Oezil has often been the focus of criticism, from the time he was playing for Germany to the desire to fight at the club level. Having moved to Arsenal since 2013, Oezil has yet to conquer the Gunners fans.

Rumors about Oezil leaving Arsenal are not new. The pitch of the midfielder decreased in the last 4 seasons. In the 2015-16 season, he played 35 times, then the next seasons were 32 seasons 2016-17, 24 seasons 2017-18 and the previous season was only 20. Things have been worse since the beginning of this season. Despite being voted into the group of 5 leaders of Arsenal, Oezil only played a mere 71 minutes in the main kick, 2-2 draw against Watford. Left, he only added more opportunities in the 5-0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the League Cup last month.

Arsenal technical director Raul Sanllehi, despite avoiding criticizing Ozil, had to admit that Emery coach prioritized the choice of players who worked hard on the training ground, which Oezil has never shown: There are many good players. Actually there aren’t any problems with Ozil and I hope to see him appear more often in the next matches. But he needs to contribute more, something that Emery always wanted, Emery coach can not give Oezil special treatment compared to other Arsenal players.

Mourinho criticized MU for constantly replacing trainers

Mourinho criticized MU for constantly replacing trainers

 The indispensable star under Mourinho has pointed out the problem in how to use the MU coach before he was Solsa pushed to China.

“MU was too impatient!” – That was the opening, the main content that Fellaini talked about using the people of the old team. During the reign of Solskjaer, the Belgian star had no place, he left MU in January to land in China.

MU has changed to 4 coaches since the legendary strategist Alex Ferguson broke up with the team in 2013. In turn, each of the famous, young coaches, then the masters of tactics, how to use people. But sooner or later left MU pack. With what the Reds have shown last time, current coach Solskjaer will also be difficult to stand outside that perspective.

“They brought in potential coach Davis Moyes, but didn’t give him time to assert. Van Gaal also had two years at the team, when they won a title they fired him because they wanted to succeed. faster to. To Mourinho, everything is similar to the Premier League runner-up and the Europa League, but then Mourinho was MU replaced by Solskjaer “- Fellaini bored.

“The team has no solution to their options. Both Van Gaal and Mourinho are experienced coaches and philosophies. Everything needs to be shaped and MU has not given them time. Need it more than 2 years to build, both Mourinho and Van Gaal have gradually improved the team, with specific titles”- Former MU star continues to analyze.

Recently, Mourinho also entangled in the Premier League but is to lead the opponent of MU. However, this rumor needs more time to verify. What Fellaini said was worth pondering. Because the current coach is also facing the same risk as his predecessors. Even, much expected but Solsa has not really brought MU a specific positive.

Having been devoted to the Red Devils for 6 years, considered a god when he landed MU from the first coach post-Alex Ferguson era, but Fellaini had to leave the team without a trumpet. Currently, the Belgian star has joined Shandong Lu Lu at the Chinese national championship.

MU left the Premier League 3 years, Mbappe to Real Madrid already

MU left the Premier League 3 years, Mbappe to Real Madrid already

According to the sources from ESPN, the Glazer family decided to leave three years to restore Manchester United’s fortunes. The Red Devils accept the team can not challenge the championship until at least 2021/2022 season.

Manchester United, which is the most successful club in English football, with 20 times as the boss, has not won since 2012/12, the last season in Sir Alex’s 27-year reign. Since then, under the guidance of David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and currently Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, MU finished the season with an average score of 21.5 points. In this season, after 6 rounds, MU ranked 8th and inferior to Liverpool leading 10 points.

In a rather bleak situation that lasted for the time of Sir Alex, the MU leadership determined that the important thing for the club was patience, as Solskjaer needs to be patient in the plan to overhaul the squad and bring MU back to the highest submission in the Premier League.

And the time MU accepts to leave is 3 years and spend money to buy additional squads in the transfer period this time, to find back the Devil. MU was also determined to change the management structure, by bringing in a technical director.

L’Equipe reported the scoop, Kylian Mbappe prepared to move to La Liga to play football, when attending Spanish courses. Not only that, in the dressing room, Mbappe also practiced by chatting with Neymar in Spanish. Brazilian striker fluent in this language thanks to 4 years of playing in Barcelona, ​​next to Messi, Suarez, Pique.

The destination of Mbappe mentioned above is Real Madrid and it is expected that there will be a super blockbuster in the summer of 2020 multiply. Mbappe is a young talent expected to overthrow Messi and Ronaldo. The France striker shone brightly at the World Cup 2018 and eclipsed Neymar at PSG.

Want to overcome MU on shirt financing, Liverpool entangled legal battle

Want to overcome MU on shirt financing, Liverpool entangled legal battle

Liverpool is in a legal dispute with shirt sponsor New Balance because they have failed to find a common voice in renewing the contract.

In June 2020, the agreement to sponsor a £45 million/season jersey between New Balance and Liverpool will officially expire. The Liverpool leadership feels that it is time for them to find a new partner with a more valuable deal as the club’s stock has increased significantly in two successful seasons under the guidance of coach Juergen Klopp.

Since Christmas last year, Liverpool began meeting with representatives of many famous sports fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas or Puma. Nike is finally the partner chosen by Liverpool. The two sides have reached an agreement worth up to £ 80 million/year. If officially signed, Liverpool will pass the agreement between MU and Adidas (£ 75 million/year) to become the club with the most valuable Premier League shirt sponsorship contract.

The Kop announced this to New Balance. However, New Balance did not approve. A fashion house based in Boston, Massachusetts is struggling to retain its contract with Liverpool. New Balance announced it was willing to pay Nike on par with Liverpool to sign a new deal and the contract signed earlier had a priority clause that they continued to sponsor The Kop.

However, Liverpool does not want to sign with New Balance because that supplier’s global distribution network is not comparable with Nike. Liverpool wants to take advantage of the existing success and understand Nike’s stature will help them a lot in key markets around the world.

On 10/10, New Balance decided to take Liverpool to the London Supreme Court to be able to extend the partnership. The company’s notice states:

“New Balance is proud to be the official sponsor of Liverpool. Since 2011, we have broken the club’s shirt sponsorship record and we believe we are in line with Liverpool’s ambitions and achievements as the club grows stronger in stature. As a long-term and dedicated sponsor, we want to continue working with Liverpool and extend the agreement by 2020. Our draft extension contract is in full agreement with Nike’s proposal for Liverpool.

As part of the contract renewal process, Liverpool has raised the questionable elements for the agreement, so we are asking the court to explain this case clearly. Both we and Liverpool want to get things done as quickly as possible so we totally agree with the court process”.

A Liverpool spokesman confirmed this: “Liverpool confirmed our costume supplier, New Balance, has started a legal dispute with the club. We do not want to comment further on this proceeding”.

The battle between Wolves vs Chelsea promises to be thrilling

The battle between Wolves vs Chelsea promises to be thrilling

This weekend marks the return of the Premier League after the national team rally, the confrontation between Wolves and Chelsea will be the reagents for both teams.

Perhaps never in the era of Abramovich Chelsea has a young force and many homegrown as today. Optimists say that Chelsea is delivering, and pessimists think that the Blues are actually going down.

Meanwhile, Wolves have won the Europa League spot this season, meaning that on the international level, the Wolves are sitting in the tray with Arsenal and Chelsea. Is this the turn of a small team or just a temporary horse?

In fact, Wolves are currently only 3 draws and 1 loss after the first 4 Premier League rounds. They need a positive result before the big Chelsea man to prove that attending the Europa League is not by luck. Chelsea also need more victories to show everyone that the early stages of the season is just the flu of a giant.

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Before entering this match, Wolverhampton should feel lucky because the tight schedule (they have to participate in the Europa League qualifying round) does not cause any serious injury. However, they still lost Matt Doherty to a knee injury while on duty in the national team.

Chelsea is also not affected by the FIFA schedule. Antonio Rudiger and Callum Hudson-Odoi are recovering and will be coming back soon, while N’Golo Kante and Pedro are racing against time to catch up with the Wolves. Defender Emerson had to leave the field for 10 minutes in Italy’s match against Finland, but there was no serious problem with the Brazilian defender.

This will be a difficult match for both clubs, one side is looking to regain the position of a big team, the other side wants to confirm their efforts to rise after recent seasons. Surely this will be a fascinating confrontation. Chelsea’s team is a bit better, but Wolves has a senior coach and the home field advantage. We are afraid that Chelsea will be hard to come back this time.