Chinese sports are ugly again for cheating at the Military Olympics

Chinese sports are ugly again for cheating at the Military Olympics

Fraud continues to become a hot topic in Chinese sports opinion after the International Orientation Sports Federation (IOF) announced the elimination and deprivation of athletes of this country from middle and male content in the World.

Previously, the athletes of the Chinese landlord finished in the first, second and fourth places for women and the second for men on October 20 in the direction of the content of military sports. But according to IOF, the organization has evidence that Chinese athletes have received illegal support from spectators on the terrain and are showing signs of preparing trails that are available for them to navigate.

The fraud was aroused after a simultaneous backlash from Russian, Swiss, French, Belgian, Polish and Austrian teams, before the judges decided to eliminate all Chinese athletes. According to the jury’s decision, the result of the Chinese athletes achieving the aforementioned was canceled (1 gold medal, 2 silver medal) and not included in the list of results.

The Chinese side appealed the decision to the International Military Sports Council (CISM), but the decision to protest failed. Still, the results are not official. Initially, the organizers stated that the long-distance contest would be completely canceled, but after negotiations with CISM, it was restored in the program without the participation of the Chinese team.

“The Military Olympics are an event organized under the management of the International Military Sports Council but through a signing with IOF, IOF’s rules govern the conduct of this event”. IOF Secretary General Tom Hollowell said. “IOF pays special attention to the actions of the Chinese team and is happy to see IOF’s rules being applied to bring about fairness in the competition when the judges and CISM enforce it. IOF will work with CISM to investigate sanctions against people involved in inappropriate activities. Although this event is not an IOF event”, the representative of IOF emphasized.

According to IOF, they are also investigating whether further action is needed to ensure fair play in the upcoming World Cup Final in Guangzhou (China) from October 25 to 29. “The military and civilian orientation in China is completely organizational and the World Cup has been controlled in the structure of IOF, with restrictions on access to competitive information. However, if found true evidence of any inappropriate behavior, IOF will apply all necessary sanctions to ensure fairness of the competitions at the World Cup”, IOF stressed.

The information has attracted a lot of attention from the public when this year’s World Military Games attracted more than 9,300 players from more than 140 countries, competing in 27 sports. In addition to military engineering, World Military Games (once every 4 years and this is the 7th this year) also has popular sports such as athletics, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, boxing, etc. Therefore, the event also has the participation of many professional athletes who have won achievements in international sports arenas because they belong to defense agencies.