How does the coronavirus affect football around the world?

How does the coronavirus affect football around the world?

COVID-19 has been rocking the world in recent weeks. All the top national championships in Europe being postponed seem to be just a part of the problem that the football world is facing.

Recently, the European Football Association (UEFA) has decided to postpone Euro 2020 to 2021, a move that is expected to help the national championships in Europe “troubleshoot” when it is possible to extend the season to June and July.

Postponing Euro, UEFA face any difficulties?

According to The Athletic, UEFA may have to accept an estimated loss of more than 300 million Euros if postponed the most prestigious team level tournament in the old continent to 2021. Also according to The Athletic, UEFA does not want to incur this loss but will demand compensation from national clubs and championships.

Which scenario for the football tournaments?

The decision of UEFA to postpone Euro to 2021 has helped the organizing committee of the national championships in Europe partly to make the plan of extending the season to summer vacation possible, but it should be stressed that This option can only be realized if the Covid-19 pandemic is pushed back in the near future.

In Italy, the country most heavily affected in Europe, the Football Association of the country (FIGC) soon considered the worst case is that the season can not continue anymore.

Football leagues in the UK

With the huge payout of the TV rights being paid if the season is to end soon, it is clear that the FA’s preferred option is still to bring the Premier League tournament safely to the end, despite the situation of the remaining 92 matches of the season to compete without the audience.

Meanwhile, the credit cards are banned for betting in the UK, including betting on Premier League. This situation promises to help the UK effectively manage gambling in this country.

The Liverpool people naturally objected strongly to the cancellation of the results this season and used the rankings last season as a basis to determine the teams for the European Cup.

Elsewhere, clubs leading the Championship say they are willing to sue the Premier League organizers if they cancel the results this season or keep the results but without the relegation team, there will be no rate to rise next season.

The Golden Boy of MU gave up playing football

The Golden Boy of MU gave up playing football

The player who received a lot of expectation from Sir Alex Ferguson said goodbye to the football world.

The 2008 Golden Boy Anderson announced his retirement at the age of 31, a somewhat young age compared to professional senior players. Most recently, the Brazilian arrived at Adan Demirspor Club in Turkey’s Second Division. However, according to Sport Witness, the board of directors has announced that Anderson has just decided to end his career here.

The most memorable time in Anderson’s career was 8 years with MU. At Old Trafford, Anderson played 181 times for Man Utd, scored 9 goals, made 21 assists and 14 yellow cards.

Anderson won the Golden Boy title in his first season playing for Manchester United, proving Sir Alex Ferguson’s great eye-gaze. The legendary MU coach found the youngster’s talent that year when he and Porto won the Portuguese championship twice in a row, although not many appearances.

Unfortunately, later Anderson could not reach his full potential and was forever a prodigy. Sir Alex has given him a lot of favor and created conditions for him to grow, as evidenced by his patients to him at MU 8 seasons. But to this point, the impression that Anderson left for MU fans is when he comes on the field with a shirt with the wrong name (‘Andesron’).

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Anderson

In March 2015, Anderson officially left MU when he failed to find a place in Louis van Gaal’s squad. He returned to his hometown of Brazil to join Internacional with a 4-year contract. But the bright young player once could not make an impression here, after 3 seasons he has only 52 appearances. Before the end of his contract, Internacional promptly sent him out to Adan Demirspor, where he also played only 11 games before the end of his career.

Anderson has an unsatisfactory career, but he can be proud to have won many titles.