The Premier League allows close contact on the training ground

The Premier League allows close contact on the training ground

20 Premier League clubs on May 27 agreed on a plan for players to practice normally, one step further in the plan to resume the tournament.

Earlier this week, the British Government issued guidance on the second phase of the “Restart Project” (plan to resume the Premier League), which emphasized allowing male and female athletes to be allowed close contact on the field within 2 m, as long as “carefully controlled medical conditions”.

According to this guideline, athletes, including players, coaches are allowed to collide on the training ground. The number of people attending a training session was increased from four to 12.

The Premier League organizers will convey the Government’s decision to representatives of clubs, Professional Footballers Association (PFA) and Coach Association (LMA) in today’s online meeting on May 28.

Sky Sports believes that no serious problem has occurred in the last week of training, although some players such as captain Watfrod, Troy Deeney or Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante refuse to train because of safety concerns.

The Liverpool player looks forward to the Premier League returning every day

The format of the remaining 92 Premier League matches is also discussed in today’s session such as calculating points for each match, setting up a backup plan if the Premier League is forced to end early. However, with 0.6% nCoV infection among players through two tests, the British football leader is optimistic that the disease is not common and is a threat right now.

Although everything is on the right track, the possibility of restarting the Premier League on June 12 is still open. In the statement, the Premier League organizers emphasized that they still respect the decisions of the coach and the players, and call for support from the main characters of the football matches.

Premier League president Gary Hoffman, tournament health advisor Mark Gillett, and football director Richard Garlick will listen to the teams’ feedback before making a final decision.

As a special shareholder, the Football Association of England is currently stationary in identifying teams up and down in two leagues. Clubs in the bottom of the table now want to drop the league formula in the 2019-2020 season.

Steven Gerrard retired – Goodbye exemplary leader

Steven Gerrard retired – Goodbye exemplary leader

After 19 years of hard conquest on football arenas. The retired British hero Steven Gerrard officially brought regret to his fans and left a big gap in the central midfielder position of the Los Angeles Galaxy club.

Steven George Gerrard is a former British professional footballer, playing as a central midfielder. On November 24, 2016, Steven George retired after finishing his contract with Los Angeles Galaxy for 19 years of professional playing.

Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston, Merseyside, England. Gerrard began to get used to the amateur games for the team in the town of Whiston Juniors. It was here that he showed himself to be a natural dribbler so he was a big eye for the Liverpool club. So at a very young age, he joined the Liverpool youth team at the age of 9. Shortly after November 5, 1997, Steven Gerrard signed his first professional football contract with Liverpool Club.

Before Steven Gerrard retired, he shared honestly. “I feel fortunate to have experienced so many beautiful things in my career. I have had an unbelievable life as a footballer and feel grateful for every single moment I have been in Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy. I had a dream when I was young, I would put on the famous red shirt of Liverpool”.

Gerrard was first made available to his dream club for Liverpool on November 29, 1998. In a Liverpool friendly against Blackburn Rovers, Gerrard was substituted for Vegard Heggem in the last minutes. In his first season with Liverpool club, he made 13 appearances and was in the position to replace the right winger for captain Jamie Redknapp. With his impatient temperament, he himself admitted that: “At that time I had no control over myself and I lost my temper”, partly restraining Gerrard’s career, making him only play in a short time.

Since the 2000s, Steven Gerrard has made 50 appearances and scored a total of 10 goals. With this important dedication he has partly helped the team win the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup. It was not until October 2003 that Gerrard was promoted to captain to replace Sami Hyypia, coach Gerard Houllier once shared that: “He realized the leadership qualities at Gerrard, and still needed time to accumulate more”.

Want to overcome MU on shirt financing, Liverpool entangled legal battle

Want to overcome MU on shirt financing, Liverpool entangled legal battle

Liverpool is in a legal dispute with shirt sponsor New Balance because they have failed to find a common voice in renewing the contract.

In June 2020, the agreement to sponsor a £45 million/season jersey between New Balance and Liverpool will officially expire. The Liverpool leadership feels that it is time for them to find a new partner with a more valuable deal as the club’s stock has increased significantly in two successful seasons under the guidance of coach Juergen Klopp.

Since Christmas last year, Liverpool began meeting with representatives of many famous sports fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas or Puma. Nike is finally the partner chosen by Liverpool. The two sides have reached an agreement worth up to £ 80 million/year. If officially signed, Liverpool will pass the agreement between MU and Adidas (£ 75 million/year) to become the club with the most valuable Premier League shirt sponsorship contract.

The Kop announced this to New Balance. However, New Balance did not approve. A fashion house based in Boston, Massachusetts is struggling to retain its contract with Liverpool. New Balance announced it was willing to pay Nike on par with Liverpool to sign a new deal and the contract signed earlier had a priority clause that they continued to sponsor The Kop.

However, Liverpool does not want to sign with New Balance because that supplier’s global distribution network is not comparable with Nike. Liverpool wants to take advantage of the existing success and understand Nike’s stature will help them a lot in key markets around the world.

On 10/10, New Balance decided to take Liverpool to the London Supreme Court to be able to extend the partnership. The company’s notice states:

“New Balance is proud to be the official sponsor of Liverpool. Since 2011, we have broken the club’s shirt sponsorship record and we believe we are in line with Liverpool’s ambitions and achievements as the club grows stronger in stature. As a long-term and dedicated sponsor, we want to continue working with Liverpool and extend the agreement by 2020. Our draft extension contract is in full agreement with Nike’s proposal for Liverpool.

As part of the contract renewal process, Liverpool has raised the questionable elements for the agreement, so we are asking the court to explain this case clearly. Both we and Liverpool want to get things done as quickly as possible so we totally agree with the court process”.

A Liverpool spokesman confirmed this: “Liverpool confirmed our costume supplier, New Balance, has started a legal dispute with the club. We do not want to comment further on this proceeding”.