Steven Gerrard retired – Goodbye exemplary leader

Steven Gerrard retired – Goodbye exemplary leader

After 19 years of hard conquest on football arenas. The retired British hero Steven Gerrard officially brought regret to his fans and left a big gap in the central midfielder position of the Los Angeles Galaxy club.

Steven George Gerrard is a former British professional footballer, playing as a central midfielder. On November 24, 2016, Steven George retired after finishing his contract with Los Angeles Galaxy for 19 years of professional playing.

Steven Gerrard was born in Whiston, Merseyside, England. Gerrard began to get used to the amateur games for the team in the town of Whiston Juniors. It was here that he showed himself to be a natural dribbler so he was a big eye for the Liverpool club. So at a very young age, he joined the Liverpool youth team at the age of 9. Shortly after November 5, 1997, Steven Gerrard signed his first professional football contract with Liverpool Club.

Before Steven Gerrard retired, he shared honestly. “I feel fortunate to have experienced so many beautiful things in my career. I have had an unbelievable life as a footballer and feel grateful for every single moment I have been in Liverpool, England and LA Galaxy. I had a dream when I was young, I would put on the famous red shirt of Liverpool”.

Gerrard was first made available to his dream club for Liverpool on November 29, 1998. In a Liverpool friendly against Blackburn Rovers, Gerrard was substituted for Vegard Heggem in the last minutes. In his first season with Liverpool club, he made 13 appearances and was in the position to replace the right winger for captain Jamie Redknapp. With his impatient temperament, he himself admitted that: “At that time I had no control over myself and I lost my temper”, partly restraining Gerrard’s career, making him only play in a short time.

Since the 2000s, Steven Gerrard has made 50 appearances and scored a total of 10 goals. With this important dedication he has partly helped the team win the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup. It was not until October 2003 that Gerrard was promoted to captain to replace Sami Hyypia, coach Gerard Houllier once shared that: “He realized the leadership qualities at Gerrard, and still needed time to accumulate more”.