Mata is ready to leave Man Utd after more than 6 years

Mata is ready to leave Man Utd after more than 6 years

The Spaniard could move to Turkey to play when coach Ole Solskjaer made a plan to rejuvenate the Man Utd squad.

According to Sansursuz Futbol, ​​Juan Mata is “eager” to leave Old Trafford to join Fenerbahce at the Turkish National Championship. Coach Solskjaer is in the process of restructuring and rejuvenating the squad. Meanwhile, Mata is one of the older players.

The 32-year-old midfielder is still given the opportunity by the Norwegian strategist, but his fewer minutes to play after the presence of Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese player made a big impact at Old Trafford and became the irreplaceable element of the current Man Utd.

Juan Mata no longer holds the number one position at Man Utd

Mata can also play in the right corridor, like the Norwich win in the FA Cup quarter-finals, but Solskjaer’s favorite attackers are Anthony Trio, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood.

The former Chelsea midfielder has 23 starting kicks this season, but 12 of them are cup matches. Experts and Man Utd fans expect the Norwegian strategist to combine Paul Pogba and Fernandes in the “Reds” midfield. That is also the reason why Mata’s chances of playing are increasingly narrowed.

However, he still has a contract until June 2021 with the option to extend the year. If you want to recruit Mata, Fenerbahce will have to pay a fee. The departure of the Spanish midfielder also provides an opportunity for Man Utd to recruit young and quality players like James Maddison or Jadon Sancho.

Since moving to Old Trafford from Chelsea for a fee of £ 37.1 million in 2014, Mata has played a total of 252 matches so far. He contributed to the “Red Devils” 48 goals and 42 assists after more than 6 seasons.

The Spanish midfielder started his career at Real Oviedo before moving to Real Madrid in 2003. Here, he played a season for Real Madrid B and became the club’s second best striker with nine goals. , just after Alvaro Negredo. However, Mata decided to move to Valencia in 2007 when he was unable to compete for the first team position.

The midfielder in 1988 shone in Valencia and was recruited by Chelsea in 2011. He contributed greatly to help the Stamford Bridge team win the Champions League in the first season of joining the club. In 2014, Mata left Chelsea to join Man Utd and stick with Old Trafford until now.

Many Premier League clubs are at a loss due to Covid-19

Many Premier League clubs are at a loss due to Covid-19

12 Premier League clubs have been plagued by a patch of bears and their pre-Covid-19 pandemic, with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

According to the Athletic website, in the 2017-2018 season, 12 clubs lost money. Everton heaviest losses, about 133 million. Chelsea ranked second with 126 million USD. Arsenal, known as a frugal spending club, also lost $ 29 million.

Of the eight profitable clubs, Tottenham topped the list with a profit of $ 108.5 million. Followed by Liverpool with 52 million USD, and Man Utd with 35 million USD.

Also according to Athletic, the Premier League’s financial situation will be even worse when it falls in the Covid-19 pandemic. The chief executive of this tournament, Richard Masters recently admitted that clubs could lose more than a billion dollars. In particular, the heaviest television rights, which are the factors that make up the Premier League. Revenue from ticket sales, trade and sponsorship also plummeted, even when the teams returned.

Forecast shows that Man Utd will see the heaviest loss at 144.5 million USD. Followed by Man City (135.6 million USD) and Liverpool (127.3 million USD). Burnley president Mike Garlick even thinks his team will go bankrupt in August if the Premier League does not return soon.

While the clubs have difficulties, the team of players has not yet reduced their salaries. A recent meeting between the Premier League organizers and the Player Association (PFA) did not come to an agreement on a 30% pay cut.

Man Utd suffered the most because of Covid-19

Man Utd lost $ 142.6 million because of the pandemic, the most in the Premier League teams, according to Sport Mail.

Man Utd’s losses ranked first in ticket sales and commerce, respectively, 21.6 million USD and 62.3 million USD. The revenue of television rights of the Old Trafford club also dropped $ 58.9 million, just after four top 4 teams (Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Leicester).

The rate of damage of Man Utd to revenue last season reached 18.5%. They could incur gross and net losses of 81.5 million and 119.6 million respectively. But, the Glazer team has 377.3 million USD in cash.

After Man Utd, the three teams with heavy losses were Man City (134 million), Liverpool (125.7 million) and Chelsea (111.5 million), respectively. The least losing team was Norwich, with 23.9 million.

Most teams in the Premier League suffered the most damage on television rights, except for Man Utd.