Mourinho criticized MU for constantly replacing trainers

Mourinho criticized MU for constantly replacing trainers

 The indispensable star under Mourinho has pointed out the problem in how to use the MU coach before he was Solsa pushed to China.

“MU was too impatient!” – That was the opening, the main content that Fellaini talked about using the people of the old team. During the reign of Solskjaer, the Belgian star had no place, he left MU in January to land in China.

MU has changed to 4 coaches since the legendary strategist Alex Ferguson broke up with the team in 2013. In turn, each of the famous, young coaches, then the masters of tactics, how to use people. But sooner or later left MU pack. With what the Reds have shown last time, current coach Solskjaer will also be difficult to stand outside that perspective.

“They brought in potential coach Davis Moyes, but didn’t give him time to assert. Van Gaal also had two years at the team, when they won a title they fired him because they wanted to succeed. faster to. To Mourinho, everything is similar to the Premier League runner-up and the Europa League, but then Mourinho was MU replaced by Solskjaer “- Fellaini bored.

“The team has no solution to their options. Both Van Gaal and Mourinho are experienced coaches and philosophies. Everything needs to be shaped and MU has not given them time. Need it more than 2 years to build, both Mourinho and Van Gaal have gradually improved the team, with specific titles”- Former MU star continues to analyze.

Recently, Mourinho also entangled in the Premier League but is to lead the opponent of MU. However, this rumor needs more time to verify. What Fellaini said was worth pondering. Because the current coach is also facing the same risk as his predecessors. Even, much expected but Solsa has not really brought MU a specific positive.

Having been devoted to the Red Devils for 6 years, considered a god when he landed MU from the first coach post-Alex Ferguson era, but Fellaini had to leave the team without a trumpet. Currently, the Belgian star has joined Shandong Lu Lu at the Chinese national championship.