Barca won 5-0 in the last round of La Liga

Barca won 5-0 in the last round of La Liga

Lionel Messi and his team mourned after losing the championship with a 5-0 win at Alaves in the La Liga round of elimination on July 19.

Instead of a tense state of play in the defeat of Osasuna on July 16, Barca was much more comfortable when visiting the Alaves. The attack, where Messi, Suarez, and Fati are present from the beginning, constantly creates opportunities for the end of goalkeeper Roberto. The midfield also provides great support for three players on the front line, especially 20-year-old midfielder Puig.

Similar to most of the season, Messi is once again the focus of Barca. Barca captain crossed the ball smoothly in the attacking phase in the 24th minute, creating conditions for Fati to enter the penalty area and kick the Alaves net.

In the 34th minute, Messi made the gesture three times before lowering Roberto to make the score 2-0. He also scored a simple goal in the 75th minute, when he received the ball from Suarez’s clever foot-lift.

Messi shines at the end of La Liga

Besides two goals and one assist, Messi also launched a quick counterattack leading to the goal to increase the score to 3-0. After the accurate shot of the captain, Alba had only a simple stretch for Suarez to head into the goal.

Besides Messi, young midfielder Puig is also bright. Main kick in attacking midfield, the 20-year-old player constantly conquers the audience with passes that open the opportunity for teammates. After poking the ball into Suarez’s poor situation, Puig succeeded with a cross for Messi in the 34th minute. Puig also directly assisted Semedo to score in the 58th minute.

Having completed the goal of relegation, Alaves played not too hard. The hosts did not even have a shot in the right direction for 90 minutes.

Barca won the game with spiritual meaning

The Alaves 5-0 victory is Barca’s biggest victory in the La Liga 2019-2020 season. This result is equal to the Eibar win in the middle of the season at home.

In addition to the spiritual meaning, the victory Alaves also helped Messi approach the title of top scorer. The Barca captain finished La Liga with 25 goals, four more than Benzema. In the late match against Leganes, Benzema did not score a goal.