Immobile won the European Golden Shoe

Immobile won the European Golden Shoe

Ronaldo does not play in the final round of Serie A, Immobile became the highest scorer in Europe for the 2019-2020 season.

Before the final round of Serie A, Ciro Immobile ranked number one in the list of the most goals scored in the European national championships. The Lazio striker has 35 goals, equivalent to 70 points.

The only person capable of chasing the Italian striker is Cristiano Ronaldo, although the Portuguese superstar’s chances are not much because he scored four goals less than the opponent.

Immobile won the Golden Shoe for the first time

However, Ronaldo was not registered by Maurizio Sarri to play in the last round of Serie A, against AS Roma. Therefore, Immobile automatically won the European Golden Shoe. He is the third Italian player to win this individual title, after Luca Toni 2005-2006 season and Francesco Totti 2006-2007 season.

The goal of the Immobile in the final round is to break the record for a goal in a season that Gonzalo Higuain set in the 2015-2016 season. Four years ago, the Argentinian striker scored 36 goals. With just two goals, Immobile will monopolize the record.

Growing up from Juventus’ youth academy, but Immobile found no place in Turin. In the summer of 2012, he was sold off to Genoa, then waded through four more clubs, before joining Lazio in the summer of 2016.

Under the hands of the new coach Simone Inzaghi, Immobile is served by the whole Lazio team. He scored 26 goals in the first season, before peaking in his career in the second season, with 41 goals in all competitions. Compared to the peak season of 2017-2018, Immobile has scored more goals in Serie A this season, but there is less ground in the Europa League because Lazio stopped right in the group stage. Currently, he has only 38 goals this season.

The record holder for the number of goals and points in the Golden Shoe race is Lionel Messi. In the 2011-2012 season, he scored 50 goals, equivalent to 100 points. Messi is also the winner of the Golden Shoe the most, with six honors. However, in the 2019-2020 season, he did not appear in the first group. Immobile won the prize, while Robert Lewandowski came in second with 34 goals.

Barca won 5-0 in the last round of La Liga

Barca won 5-0 in the last round of La Liga

Lionel Messi and his team mourned after losing the championship with a 5-0 win at Alaves in the La Liga round of elimination on July 19.

Instead of a tense state of play in the defeat of Osasuna on July 16, Barca was much more comfortable when visiting the Alaves. The attack, where Messi, Suarez, and Fati are present from the beginning, constantly creates opportunities for the end of goalkeeper Roberto. The midfield also provides great support for three players on the front line, especially 20-year-old midfielder Puig.

Similar to most of the season, Messi is once again the focus of Barca. Barca captain crossed the ball smoothly in the attacking phase in the 24th minute, creating conditions for Fati to enter the penalty area and kick the Alaves net.

In the 34th minute, Messi made the gesture three times before lowering Roberto to make the score 2-0. He also scored a simple goal in the 75th minute, when he received the ball from Suarez’s clever foot-lift.

Messi shines at the end of La Liga

Besides two goals and one assist, Messi also launched a quick counterattack leading to the goal to increase the score to 3-0. After the accurate shot of the captain, Alba had only a simple stretch for Suarez to head into the goal.

Besides Messi, young midfielder Puig is also bright. Main kick in attacking midfield, the 20-year-old player constantly conquers the audience with passes that open the opportunity for teammates. After poking the ball into Suarez’s poor situation, Puig succeeded with a cross for Messi in the 34th minute. Puig also directly assisted Semedo to score in the 58th minute.

Having completed the goal of relegation, Alaves played not too hard. The hosts did not even have a shot in the right direction for 90 minutes.

Barca won the game with spiritual meaning

The Alaves 5-0 victory is Barca’s biggest victory in the La Liga 2019-2020 season. This result is equal to the Eibar win in the middle of the season at home.

In addition to the spiritual meaning, the victory Alaves also helped Messi approach the title of top scorer. The Barca captain finished La Liga with 25 goals, four more than Benzema. In the late match against Leganes, Benzema did not score a goal.

Chelsea beat Aston Villa 2 goals in 2 minutes

Chelsea beat Aston Villa 2 goals in 2 minutes

“The Blues” conceded first but still left the Villa Park yard with 3 points completely after the 2-1 victory. Away goals were scored by Christian Pulisic and Olivier Giroud.

Against the opponent who is in a bad shape, Chelsea easily took control of the game. Lampard’s army held the ball more than 70%, deploying diverse attacks.

“The Blues” performed the situation turned on the middle central, the ball hanging phase from two borders but ineffective. Mason Mount is the most impressive player in the away team with 2 powerful long-range shots and situations that create high mutations.

Kante comes back and gives Chelsea complete control of the midfield

Suddenly when Chelsea was overwhelming but the team conceded. 43 minutes, center-back Kortney Hause comfortably invaded the restricted area, picked up the cross from the right and then launched two shots to beat goalkeeper Kepa. The first half ended with a temporary advantage to the host.

Chelsea continued to be the team that controlled the game when the second half began. The team from London sometimes holds the ball up to 90%. In the 55th minute, Lampard coach made a change in personnel and immediately became effective.

From Azpilicueta’s suspension, the young American star was in time to cushion the ball into the top of Nyland’s net.

Pulisic entered the field and soon shone to help Chelsea upstream

Less than a minute later, Chelsea increased the score to 2-1. Azpilicueta continued to mark with a pass for Giroud. The French striker turned to finish to help the visitors pass.

Chelsea actively reduced the pace of the match for the rest of the time. Aston Villa except for the ball hanging from two borders is no better solution to reach the goal of Kepa. The match ended with a 2-1 victory for Lampard’s teachers and students. “The Blues” maintained the 4th position, increasing the gap with Man Utd to 5 points.

Hot football news on June 11, 2020

Hot football news on June 11, 2020

German football star Marco Reus has just returned to training

Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus has just officially returned to training with his teammates after fully recovering from the injury. 4 months of injury treatment still does not make the German star lost his romantic appearance and performance as before.

Reus just came back after 4 months of healing

Blond hair and a masculine face help Reus impress the day he returns to the training ground. The return of the 31-year-old star will be essential in the context of Dortmund theoretically still having the hope of winning the Bundesliga this season.

Coppa Italia changed the law this season

The organizers of the Italian Cup have announced that the tournament will be slightly changed when returning after Covid-19. Specifically, the return leg and the Coppa Italia final this season, if they are inconclusive after 90 minutes, they will not organize 2 extra innings. If the result after 90 minutes does not determine the winner, the two teams will shoot immediately.

Representative Mario Balotelli criticized Mino Raiola

The current representative of striker Mario Balotelli Furio Valcareggi has just called for his client to retire early. Accordingly, Balotelli is facing termination of the contract in Brescia due to the habit of undisciplined.

Chelsea are about to win Chilwell with Leicester’s new move

Leicester City recently admitted they were contacting Southampton defender Ryan Bertrand. “Foxes” are clearly preparing for the prospect of their top star Ben Chilwell leaving this summer.

Chelsea is the team that leads the race to sign Chilwell. Coach Frank Lampard is eager to sign a full-back defender, after Marcos Alonso and Emerson failed to meet expectations this season.

MU will have a friendly match next Friday against West Brom

Man City waited for the results of the complaint in July. The CAS International Court of Arbitration issued a statement saying that it had accepted a complaint against a ban on European football from Manchester City’s UEFA.

The results of the complaint will be announced next July, so it is almost certain that the Champions League next season will determine whether Man City can attend or not instead of the time of appeal causing the penalty to be delayed.

The Premier League allows close contact on the training ground

The Premier League allows close contact on the training ground

20 Premier League clubs on May 27 agreed on a plan for players to practice normally, one step further in the plan to resume the tournament.

Earlier this week, the British Government issued guidance on the second phase of the “Restart Project” (plan to resume the Premier League), which emphasized allowing male and female athletes to be allowed close contact on the field within 2 m, as long as “carefully controlled medical conditions”.

According to this guideline, athletes, including players, coaches are allowed to collide on the training ground. The number of people attending a training session was increased from four to 12.

The Premier League organizers will convey the Government’s decision to representatives of clubs, Professional Footballers Association (PFA) and Coach Association (LMA) in today’s online meeting on May 28.

Sky Sports believes that no serious problem has occurred in the last week of training, although some players such as captain Watfrod, Troy Deeney or Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante refuse to train because of safety concerns.

The Liverpool player looks forward to the Premier League returning every day

The format of the remaining 92 Premier League matches is also discussed in today’s session such as calculating points for each match, setting up a backup plan if the Premier League is forced to end early. However, with 0.6% nCoV infection among players through two tests, the British football leader is optimistic that the disease is not common and is a threat right now.

Although everything is on the right track, the possibility of restarting the Premier League on June 12 is still open. In the statement, the Premier League organizers emphasized that they still respect the decisions of the coach and the players, and call for support from the main characters of the football matches.

Premier League president Gary Hoffman, tournament health advisor Mark Gillett, and football director Richard Garlick will listen to the teams’ feedback before making a final decision.

As a special shareholder, the Football Association of England is currently stationary in identifying teams up and down in two leagues. Clubs in the bottom of the table now want to drop the league formula in the 2019-2020 season.

Many Premier League clubs are at a loss due to Covid-19

Many Premier League clubs are at a loss due to Covid-19

12 Premier League clubs have been plagued by a patch of bears and their pre-Covid-19 pandemic, with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

According to the Athletic website, in the 2017-2018 season, 12 clubs lost money. Everton heaviest losses, about 133 million. Chelsea ranked second with 126 million USD. Arsenal, known as a frugal spending club, also lost $ 29 million.

Of the eight profitable clubs, Tottenham topped the list with a profit of $ 108.5 million. Followed by Liverpool with 52 million USD, and Man Utd with 35 million USD.

Also according to Athletic, the Premier League’s financial situation will be even worse when it falls in the Covid-19 pandemic. The chief executive of this tournament, Richard Masters recently admitted that clubs could lose more than a billion dollars. In particular, the heaviest television rights, which are the factors that make up the Premier League. Revenue from ticket sales, trade and sponsorship also plummeted, even when the teams returned.

Forecast shows that Man Utd will see the heaviest loss at 144.5 million USD. Followed by Man City (135.6 million USD) and Liverpool (127.3 million USD). Burnley president Mike Garlick even thinks his team will go bankrupt in August if the Premier League does not return soon.

While the clubs have difficulties, the team of players has not yet reduced their salaries. A recent meeting between the Premier League organizers and the Player Association (PFA) did not come to an agreement on a 30% pay cut.

Man Utd suffered the most because of Covid-19

Man Utd lost $ 142.6 million because of the pandemic, the most in the Premier League teams, according to Sport Mail.

Man Utd’s losses ranked first in ticket sales and commerce, respectively, 21.6 million USD and 62.3 million USD. The revenue of television rights of the Old Trafford club also dropped $ 58.9 million, just after four top 4 teams (Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea and Leicester).

The rate of damage of Man Utd to revenue last season reached 18.5%. They could incur gross and net losses of 81.5 million and 119.6 million respectively. But, the Glazer team has 377.3 million USD in cash.

After Man Utd, the three teams with heavy losses were Man City (134 million), Liverpool (125.7 million) and Chelsea (111.5 million), respectively. The least losing team was Norwich, with 23.9 million.

Most teams in the Premier League suffered the most damage on television rights, except for Man Utd.

How does the coronavirus affect football around the world?

How does the coronavirus affect football around the world?

COVID-19 has been rocking the world in recent weeks. All the top national championships in Europe being postponed seem to be just a part of the problem that the football world is facing.

Recently, the European Football Association (UEFA) has decided to postpone Euro 2020 to 2021, a move that is expected to help the national championships in Europe “troubleshoot” when it is possible to extend the season to June and July.

Postponing Euro, UEFA face any difficulties?

According to The Athletic, UEFA may have to accept an estimated loss of more than 300 million Euros if postponed the most prestigious team level tournament in the old continent to 2021. Also according to The Athletic, UEFA does not want to incur this loss but will demand compensation from national clubs and championships.

Which scenario for the football tournaments?

The decision of UEFA to postpone Euro to 2021 has helped the organizing committee of the national championships in Europe partly to make the plan of extending the season to summer vacation possible, but it should be stressed that This option can only be realized if the Covid-19 pandemic is pushed back in the near future.

In Italy, the country most heavily affected in Europe, the Football Association of the country (FIGC) soon considered the worst case is that the season can not continue anymore.

Football leagues in the UK

With the huge payout of the TV rights being paid if the season is to end soon, it is clear that the FA’s preferred option is still to bring the Premier League tournament safely to the end, despite the situation of the remaining 92 matches of the season to compete without the audience.

Meanwhile, the credit cards are banned for betting in the UK, including betting on Premier League. This situation promises to help the UK effectively manage gambling in this country.

The Liverpool people naturally objected strongly to the cancellation of the results this season and used the rankings last season as a basis to determine the teams for the European Cup.

Elsewhere, clubs leading the Championship say they are willing to sue the Premier League organizers if they cancel the results this season or keep the results but without the relegation team, there will be no rate to rise next season.

Chelsea beat Arsenal to win the £ 30 million defender

Chelsea beat Arsenal to win the £ 30 million defender

Updated news, the latest world football event on March 29 is directly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Chelsea are approaching Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes, worth £ 30 million.

The 22-year-old also drew attention from Arsenal and Everton, but Chelsea dominated by reaching a fee agreement with Lille.

According to Eurosport reporter Manu Lonjon, the transfer is almost complete. Gabriel has impressed with Lille after 24 games in Ligue 1 this season, as well as in the Champions League with 2 times against Chelsea.

Chelsea aim for the Real Madrid full-back

Chelsea asked Real Madrid about wing-back Achraf Hakimi. The 21-year-old spent the season on loan at Dortmund and is one of the standout stars in the Bundesliga.

But the loan deal between the two clubs had no option of buying at the end of the season and that made Chelsea interested.

Real Madrid’s original plan was to bring Hakimi to the first team next season but coach Zinedine Zidane will make a final decision. The Moroccan plays primarily as a right-back but can also be a left-back or a winger.

Inter striker “green light” for Barca

According to Sport Mediaset, Lautaro Martinez has agreed to move to Barca next summer but must ask the Catalan club to make an appropriate offer for Inter.

The Argentinian striker has a release clause worth € 111 million but Barca can negotiate by adding players.

Chelsea, Real Madrid and Man City are also thought to be targeting Martinez, who has scored 16 goals in 31 matches this season.

The former Real Madrid goalkeeper paid a fortune to fly home

Faced with tensions caused by the epidemic in France, former Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas decided to leave Paris to return to his native Costa Rica by private jet.

In turn Navas “fled” from France

According to ESPN, the PSG goalkeeper and his wife Andrea Salas and their three children took a private flight on the night of March 27 when they had to pay a total of $ 200,000 with three small children from Paris to San Jose.

Dybala receives good news from the family

Paulo Dybala received good news from Argentina when all the Juventus striker’s family had tested negative for COVID-19. Gustavo’s brother, Alicia’s mother and Dybala’s sister-in-law were all checked at a hospital in Cordoba.

Dybala is being treated for COVID-19

Dybala, meanwhile, still has to undergo further screening and isolation for about a week due to COVID-19 treatment

Former Barca goalkeeper infected with COVID-19

Former Barcelona goalkeeper Rustu Recber was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19. This information was confirmed by his wife on social networks.

“I regret to say that my husband was hospitalized with the diagnosis of COVID-19. Everything was fine when he suddenly developed symptoms very quickly and we were still in a state of shock. These are important and difficult times, ”announced Rustu’s wife.

The former Turkish goalkeeper played with Valdes, Ronaldinho and Saviola in Rijkaard’s squad in the 2003/04 season.

Messi was warned about the recovery time when returning to play

Messi was warned about the recovery time when returning to play

Physical experts have warned Messi about the recovery time needed when returning to play after a long break from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Lionel Messi and his La Liga colleagues took a break from playing for more than 10 days after the organizers decided to postpone the tournament to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Currently, all have to isolate themselves at home and train separately to maintain fitness.

Even so, it took Messi and his colleagues a few weeks to regain their best form after a long break from COVID-19. That is the warning of the leading physical experts in La Liga. The solution, in this case, is to organize friendly matches for 10 days, or 2 weeks before the Spanish championship returns.

Paulino Granero, CSKA Moscow’s physical coach and the Russian team, said: “I have one thing that is very clear, Messi is the best player and plays a very different football than everyone. it will take several weeks to return to being the usual Messi.”

“You asked why that is? Simply put, Messi’s special technical moves can only be done when he is in the best condition because these are not the basic techniques that other players often use.

According to coach Granero, an important factor determining the quality of a team is the link between the players. Therefore, if a team wants to regain good form after at least 15 days of rest, they need to go through at least 1 match to regain the feeling of playing football and help the body adapt to the intensity of movement like always.

Physical coach Dani Pastor of Real Mallorca also added: “There are situations of dispute on the pitch that the players will not be in the gym, home garden or parking lot. When the game is over, the players will lack the competition to keep up their normal form.”

Ronaldinho in prison for the drug-related crime and money laundering?

Ronaldinho in prison for the drug-related crime and money laundering?

Ronaldinho was accused by the Paraguay Prosecutor’s Office of being involved in a drug trafficking and money laundering criminal organization.

Ronaldinho was detained last week on charges of using a fake passport to enter Paraguay. But the latest disclosure by Reuters shows that the incident is much more serious.

The Paraguayan prosecutor’s office is investigating allegations that Ronaldinho was involved in a money-laundering criminal organization that “enchanted” about $ 400 million in “dirty money” in the country over the past five years. In particular, the focal point is a Brazilian businesswoman, Dalia Lopez, a “Strong Donor” who has very good relations with Brazilian and Paraguayan politicians.

Dalia is the founder of the Fraternidad Angelical Charity Foundation and invites Ronaldinho to Paraguay to attend an event of the foundation. The paparazzi captured the scene of the Ronaldinho brothers accompanying their fellow businesswoman when the three landed at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport on March 4.

Prosecutor Osmar Legal, who led the investigation, said: “Dalia may be involved in a money-laundering plan and this means that we must investigate all those who are involved with her, including Ronaldinho. That is why we insist on detaining Ronaldinho for investigation”.

Their main hypothesis was that they had created fake documents to enter Paraguay and eventually they would be used for some commercial projects or illegal investments. In it, Ronaldinho may appear as an ambassador in Dalia’s charity project.

Currently, the investigating agency is checking the phone of the Ronaldinho brothers in hopes of finding evidence to clear up the case. Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto de Assis had previously offered $ 1.6 million in bail to escape custody, but were not approved.

Not only was she accused of money laundering, but Dalia businesswoman was also suspected of tax evasion and having done business with drug criminals. Paraguayan police have issued orders to pursue Dalia and called on Brazilian authorities to assist with the investigation of this, particularly serious case. In addition to the Ronaldinho brothers, 14 others have been summoned, or are being detained for involvement in the case.